Award Honorees

POMA honors the industry's best and brightest annually for excellence in journalism and organization service. Award honorees set the bar for journalistic achievement and volunteer service.

POMA/NSSF Grits Gresham
Shooting Sports Communicator Award

Honoring Journalistic Excellence and Personal Commitment to the Shooting Sports

2007 – J. Wayne Fears
2008 – James Carmichel
2009 – Tom Gresham
2010 – Dave Petzal
2011 – Michael Bane
2012 – S.P. Fjestad
013 – Doug Painter
2014 – Jim Zumbo
2015 – Mark A. Keefe, IV
2016 – Ron Spomer

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POMA/ATA Fred Bear Archery and
Bowhunting Communicator Award

Honoring Journalistic Excellence and Personal Commitment to the Archery Sports

2007 – James Dougherty
2010 – Dwight Schuh
2011 – Chuck Adams
2012 – Bill Krenz

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POMA/ASA Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award

Honoring Journalistic Excellence and Personal Commitment to the Angling Sports

2008 – Andy Hahn
2010 – Robert Montgomery
2011 – Frank Sargeant
2012 – John E. Phillips
2013 – Louie Stout
2014 – Doug Olander
2016 – Wade Bourne

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Diamond Cornerstone Award

Honoring Organizations for theirCommitment to POMA

Outdoor Channel*
Safari Club International*

Mossy Oak
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Rifle Association

* Founding Diamond Cornerstone Honorees

Betty Lou Fegely
Emerald Cornerstone Award

Honoring Extraordinary Volunteer Service to POMA

2006 – Pat McHugh
2008 – Betty Lou Fegely
2010 – Vickie Gardner
2011 – Russell Bailey
2015 – Kevin Tate



POMA Pinnacle Awards
Presented by Mossy Oak

Honoring Journalistic Excellence Among POMA Members Since 2008

2008 Honorees

Magazine – Tes Jolly
Newspaper – Harry Guyer
Photograph – Tim Flanigan
Broadcast – Steve Scott


Magazine – Richard Bernier
Conservation – Frank Miniter
Photography – Tim Flanigan
Broadcast – Andy Lightbody & Kathy Mattoon
Newspaper/Web – Tammy Sapp


Book - Dennis Dunn -- "Barebow! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game"

Broadcast - Steve Pennaz -- “Prehistoric Giant Florida Sawfish” -- North American Fisherman

Conservation - Mike Marsh -- “Bearing Responsibility” -- Wildlife in North Carolina

Magazine - John Jefferson -- “Firing Line” -- Outdoor Life

Newspaper - Kendal Hemphill -- "Trivial Intelligence" -- Mason County News

Photography/Art/Illustration -- Bill Konway -- “Whack!! Broken Jaw” -- Field and Stream Online and “Traditional Hunter” --




  Winner – Lindsay Thomas Jr. - "Deer Cameras: The Science of Scouting" published by the Quality Deer Management Association.
  Outstanding Achievement –  Andrew Chamberlain - "Cartridge Comparison" published by Chamberlain Development Publishing

  Winner –
Tom & Ryan Gresham, Gun Talk TV - America's Rifle broadcast on Versus.
  Outstanding Achievement – Chris Dorsey, Orion Multimedia, "Buccaneers & Bones: Silver Kings" broadcast on the Outdoor Channel

Newspaper/Web Article
  Winner –
Kevin Reese, "Finding Your Cheese" published in Navarro County Times newspaper.
  Outstanding Achievements – Harry Guyer, Jr., "The Old Man & the Perfect Christmas Gift" published in Bedford Gazette; and Kevin Reese, "Living and Leaving a Legacy" published on Outdoor Roadmap website

   Winner –
Tim Christie, "Bohemian Waxwing in Flight" published in Wyoming Wildlife.
   Outstanding Acheivement – Tim Christie, "The Stripper" published in Outdoor Life magazine

   Winner –
John Jefferson, "The Ballad of Billy Sandifer" published in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.
   Outstanding Achievement – Steve Pennaz, "Silent Invaders" North American Fisherman, broadcast on Versus.


– John Jefferson, “The Golden Age of Park Acquisitions”, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine
   Outstanding Achievement – Karen Mehall, “Game Profiles: American Woodcock”, American Hunter magazine

– Tom Tatum, “The Fisherman's Father, The Fisherman's Son”, Outdoor Delaware magazine
   Outstanding Achievement – Tim Christie, “Hunting for Memories”, Wyoming Wildlife magazine

– Darren Warner, “Will to Keep Hunting Helps Amputee Walk Again”, NRA Hunters' Rights (
   Outstanding Achievement – Tom Tatum, “State Faces Tipping Point in New Year”, Daily Local News (West Chester, PA)

– Jonathan Brunson, “Addicted to the Outdoors - Noodlin' Adventure”, Outdoor Channel
   Outstanding Achievement – Tom Gresham, “Gun Talk Television - New Shooters”, Versus Network (NBC Sports)


– Richard Bernier, “Two Fawns Feeding”, Deer & Deer Hunting magazine.
   Outstanding Achievements – Tim Christie, “A Cackle in the Cold”, Field & Stream magazine; and Tim Flanigan, “Reflected Woodcock Probing Lunch”, Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show, Harrisburg, PA

2013 honorees


   Winner - Bob Humphrey, "The End of an Era," Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine
   Outstanding Achievement - Bob Humphrey, "The 'Other' Hunters," Petersen's Bowhunting; Ron Spomer, "Wild Heritage - Political Attacks," Sporting Classics


   Winner - Ron Spomer, "Sometimes It's Quick But It's Always Steep," American Hunter
   Outstanding Achievement - Ron 
Spomer, "Big Bears of Kamchatka," Sports Afield; Zeke Pipher, "Zero Regret Bowhunting," Petersen's Bowhunting


   Winner - Brenda Valentine, "Outdoor Legend's Tour Diary - Day 10," NWTF Website - Blog
   Outstanding Achievement - Harry Guyer, "Rags," Bedford Gazette; Dan 
Small, "High-Tech Help for Great Lakes Salmon," Wisconsin Outdoor News


   Winner - Tammy Sapp, "Hunter Safety Education Videos," and available as a menu-driven DVD
   Outstanding Achievement - James Towle, "The Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship," Pursuit Channel/Dish and Direct TV



   Winner - Doug Stamm, "Schooling Stripers," U.S. Fish and Wildlife "Eddies" Cover
   Outstanding Achievement - Richard Bernier, "Cover Image - Fawn," Whitetail News


   Winner - Zeke Pipher, "Man on the Run," Howard Books (Simon and Schuster)
   Outstanding Achievement - J Wayne Fears, "Isaac - Trek to Kings Mountain," Amazon/ Kindle




   Winner - Frank Miniter, "Public Land Deer Hunting: How to Save America's Whitetail Woods", Outdoor Life Blogs
   Outstanding Achievement - Darren Warner, "Dredging Disastrous to Waterfowl in Mississippi Delta",


   Winner - Frank Miniter, "A Hero for the Next Generation", America's First Freedom
   Outstanding Achievement - Brenda Valentine, "Quit Calling", Mossy Oak Gamekeepers


   Winner - Tammy Sapp , "What Women Ought to Know About Hunting and Killing", American Hunter
   Outstanding Achievement - Tammy Sapp, "The Only Girl in Camp", American Hunter; Doug Gilmer, "Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo - We All Have a Choice", The Call: When Faith Goes Afield


   Winner - Bill Miller, "Kalkomey's Handgun Safety Course",
   Outstanding Achievement - Dan Small, "Deer Hunt Wisconsin", WMVS-TV

Pinnacle Award Winners (L to R): Tony Bynum, Bill Miller, Kevin Tate, Tammy Sapp, J. Wayne Fears and J. Craig Haney



   Winner - Tony Zappia, "Retriever with Training Buoy", The Retriever Journal
   Outstanding Achievement - Tim Christie, "Strippin' & Lickin'"; Tony Bynum, "Bull Elk Bugle", American Hunter


   Winner - J. Wayne Fears and J. Craig Haney, "Backcountry Letters", Amazon/Kindle
   Outstanding Achievement - Angelo Peluso, "Fly Fishing the Surf"; James Collyer, "Buck Naked"



   Winner - Brad Fitzpatrick, "The Hunt that Changed America", Outdoor America
   Outstanding Achievement - Tom Keer, "The Last Covert", Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine


   Winner - Steve Sorenson, "The Arthur Young Buck- 1830", Pennsylvania Game News
   Outstanding Achievement - Bill Miller, "Flight Of The Electrified Pterodactyls", Waterfowl & Retriever Magazine


   Winner - Kenneth Cook, "The Legacy of Milton N. Hopkins Part 1 ", Clinch County News (Homerville, GA)
   Outstanding Achievement - Kenneth Cook, "The Legacy of Milton N. Hopkins Part 2", Clinch County News (Homerville, GA)


   Winner - Corey Holtgard, "Ohio's Whitetail Hitlist", Outdoor Channel
   Outstanding Achievement - Ryan Gresham, "Zero Pork Thirty", Pursuit Channel


   Winner - Tim Christie, "Teeth Don't Lie", Predator Xtreme Magazine
   Outstanding Achievement - Tim Christie, "Fear Straight On", American Hunter Magazine


   Winner - Vin Sparano, "Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia", Universe Publishing
   Outstanding Achievement - Lindsay Thomas, Jr., "The Blood Trail and Other Deer-Hunting Stories",




   Winner - Lindsay Thomas, Jr., "10 Reasons You Don't Want CWD In Your Woods", Quality Whitetails Magazine
   Outstanding Achievement - Jodi Stemler, "Healthy Sagebrush Sea", Outdoor Life, Open Country Blog 


  Winner - Tom Keer, "Top Dog", Garden and Gun
   Outstanding Achievement - Tim Flanigan, "Lasting Decision", Pennsylvania Game News Magazine 


   Winner - Wade Robertson, Outdoor Writer Robertson Recalls First Pheasant Hunt, Bradford Era
   Outstanding Achievement - Charlie Burchfield - Winchester '53: a Special Gift that will Live on in Family


   Winner - Allan Smith, "Girls Night Out", YouTube
   Outstanding Achievement - Charles Burchfield, "Trigger Finger Deer Management", WCED 1420 AM, 107.9 FM, and 96.7 FM 


   Winner - Tim Christie, "Challenging All Comers (Bugling Bull Elk)", American Hunter Magazine
   Outstanding Achievement - Tim Flanigan, "Grouse Strut", Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine


   Winner - Ken Cook, "Wild Country: True Stories From The Great Outdoors", BookLogix - Alpharetta, Ga.
   Outstanding Achievement - Vin Sparano, "Complete Guide to Fresh and Saltwater Fishing", Universe Publishing