How to Upload an Image to a News or Press Release Post on the POMA Website

***NOTE*** Internet Explorer does not allow you to post releases to the website easily. Please use either Firefox or Chrome to post news releases and images.

How to insert an image into a news release

  1. Place cursor on the page (in front of or after text) where you would like to insert the image.
  2. Click on the insert image icon (Fig. 1) in the editor tool bar.

  3. If the image is online already, in the Image Properties box enter the URL of the image and go to step 11 (Fig. 2).
  4. If the image is on your computer, click on browse server button (Fig. 2).

  5. Select Upload, then Choose File (Fig. 3), to open up your computer folders to select image.

  6. Maneuver through your folders to find the image. Select the image and click open (Fig. 4). Now the image location on your computer will show at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click the UPLOAD button at the bottom of the page. The image will upload.

  8. When upload completes, click on the filename of the image you just uploaded to select it, and click Insert file (Fig. 5).

  9. On the next screen (Fig. 6) resize  the image as necessary. In VSpace (vertical spacing) box put the number 5 and then select the alignment (right or left).
  10. Click OK and the image will place on the page.
  11. To change the image properties, simply right-click on the image and select image properties