Not Receiving Email From POMA

POMA uses Constant Contact to send the majority of its email communications to members. In some cases, Internet Service Providers (ISP) automatically block mail from services like Constant Contact. If you're not receiving regular communications from POMA, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect with POMA to make sure you didn't accidentally opt out of POMA Mail. Email us at
  2. Follow the instructions below to have your ISP "white list" Constant Contact


What should I do if my contact's ISP is blocking Constant Contact mail?

Send the letter below to your ISP. Replace the XXX fields with your personal information.

To: ISP Customer Support
Subject: Remove Constant Contact Block

Hello. My name is XXXX and I have been a customer of your services since XXXX. I understand that you employ filters and/or blacklists to protect customers like myself from unsolicited email; however, this has made it impossible for me to receive newsletters, announcements, and promotions that I have requested. I value these communications and would like to receive them using this email address.

The sender of these emails uses an email marketing service called Constant Contact. Constant Contact is not an open relay and has strict anti-spam policies in place. Because your filters block emails from Constant Contact I am unable to receive these communications.

I ask that you please help me determine why these emails are being blocked. For further information about Constant Contact or to request more information from them such as log files, the Operations team can be reached at - 781.472.8103 or

Mail from Constant Contact can be found by the following characteristics for whitelisting:

"Envelope from:" domains:

Sending IPs:

All mail from Constant Contact is sent from:

IP Range: -

Specific IPs sending from this range:

Please contact me when this problem has been resolved.