POMA Members Working Together

POMA members often work together on outdoor-related projects. However, collaboration on other types of work can also result from the networking opportunities that POMA membership presents. The bottom line is, members working together can help grow businesses and form long-term relationships.

Recently Ian Merritt, Photographer, Creative Director, and Videographer at IDM Photography and Aaron Hitchins, Director of Business Development for Rockhouse Motion, met as a result of their POMA memberships.

After admiring Rockhouse Motion's work for a while, Ian connected with Aaron, and after exchanging emails and chatting on the phone, they realized they have the same work ethic: “Work hard and long, cut out all the BS, and produce a premium product”.

Within a few weeks a job presented itself in the form of shooting a 20 minute documentary for Red Cap, a classic workwear clothing company that had started out in the 1920’s selling their rugged gear to mechanics and construction workers but had spent the last 30 years working directly with manufacturing plants to supply uniforms.

This year, Red Kap was headed back to the retail shelves and they needed to show off their revived construction line. What better way to do so than to produce a short film about construction in Nashville? After looking at their reel, it was an easy sell to the client to add Rockhouse to the production team. With only 5 days to shoot, IDM Photography and Rockhouse had an absolute blast shooting on location at Vanderbilt University with Clark Construction. They premiered the film to more than 300 construction workers and their families in Nashville less than 2 weeks after shooting ended.

The entire project was made possible by their connections made through POMA, and who knows what might be next.

View the teasers, and the finished project:

Full Documentary: https://vimeo.com/144049877